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Basketball For Winners - Come be a member of the Seals Basketball Team. Anyone can play because we adapt the game to our players’ abilities. The Seals play teams like: police & fire departments, various community groups, private companies, and celebrities like Doug McConnell of Bay Area Backroads and Comedian Michael Pritchard.

Time: 6:35 - 8:00pm
Where: Meet in Rec Dept Office - Larkspur Rec Department, 240 Doherty Drive, Larkspur. We play games in the Hall Middle School Gym.
Price: $4 drop in (exact change, please) OR pay for whole session: $27 for the September session. FREE to come and watch!!!!!!

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Basketball for Winners!

by Doug and Patrick McConnell

(Doug McConnell is an author and the long-time host of television’s Bay Area Backroads)

My now thirteen year-old son, Patrick, and I have been playing with REC Inc’s lovingly invincible basketball team, the Seals, since Patrick was in fourth grade. Patrick and I have brought other members of our family and close friends with us to play “against” the Seals many times, and although our side has lost every game, we’ve enjoyed every moment and we’ve won great and lasting friendships and wonderful memories beyond measure.

There is always a steady din of laughter and encouragement around the court thanks to the Seals’ welcoming good humor. Between the hugs and the high-fives, it’s amazing we ever find time to dribble, pass, and shoot. The Seals take all of us into their hearts and pass along valuable lessons of warmth, kindness, and generosity. For Patrick, the Seals have been outstanding role models. For me, every evening with the Seals is a breath of fresh air which brings out the light-hearted best in all of us.

These basetball games and all the other activities they provide are labors of love for Erin and Beth, two of our favorite people. We admire them immensely for their vision, their tenacity, and their compassion. Through REC Inc, they’ve given many adults with developmental challenges important opportunities they would not otherwise have, to lead full and rewarding lives. They’ve given the rest of us the priceless chance to form special relationships and have enriching experiences we too would not otherwise have. Patrick and I thank Erin and Beth for these gifts, and we hope they keep giving them for years to come. For our part, we’ll be there to provide what support we can, play as often as possible, and continue our perfect record of delightful defeats.


Michael Pritchard - a True Friend!

(Michael Pritchard is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker and facilitator who uses a variety of
humorous stories and useful tools to educate his audiences on improving communication skills.)

I have been involved with the developmentally disabled in my school community, through theater arts and as a Special Olympics coach for thirty years. I refer to these, my loving friends, as “spies from god” who teach us daily through their enlightened courage, love, compassion and connection.

When I join REC Inc to play basketball, a feeling of incredible joy and laughter comes to me, always.

My own family often joins me in the fun: my son Connor was so moved by his experience that he gathered his young, 20 year old friends, bought jerseys and they regularly play against the REC Inc team. My son Brian looked at me after one of the games and said,” Dad, you just can’t leave here in a bad mood. My daughter Kate now works with developmentally disabled in her college town of Chico.

The love that I feel when I’m with my REC Inc friends cannot be measured by bank accounts or stock accounts, it is a richness of unconditional love, warm laughter and gentle connection.

When I look into their eyes, I see the spirit of a loving, caring being who teaches me so much more about love than any of my college professors ever had.
The work that REC Inc does is a consciousness.

So bless us all during the holidays and let us all extend our arms to the developmentally disabled in every community. Let them feel our hearts ….not as a favor to them, but from their wisdom and love… as a favor to us. Come join us.



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