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Recreation, Education and Community, Inc. (REC Inc)
Since 1994 we have supplied recreation opportunities to over 500 people with developmental disabilities with the help of the clients, their parents, caregivers and over 34 local agencies.

Mission Statement
The mission of R.E.C. Inc. is to bring the maximum number of people with developmental disabilities into recreational activities, local events, and philanthropic service, thereby empowering them and helping them find a place in the larger community.


By networking with people with disabilities, recreation departments, parents, caregivers, local artists, and agencies that provide services for these individuals we will plan, produce, market, and provide high-quality, low-cost recreation programs and opportunities for this special population.

Statement of Need

In the community of people with developmental disabilities loneliness and isolation are additional
disabling factors. Agencies have documented the following behavior resulting from this marginalization: frequent visits to Emergency Rooms, late night phone calls to acquaintances for support, problems with alcoholism and drug abuse, increased consumption of food and resulting weight gains, aggressive and violent behaviors toward family members and friends, absenteeism from work, and increased depression. One very encouraging solution is the introduction of opportunities for groups of disabled people to socialize.

These programs must be highly structured because people with developmental disabilities often have few skills establishing and maintaining social relationships. They need to be reassured; often they are reluctant to reach out to others and somebody else must initiate those first contacts. Once the opportunity is established they need help interacting, assistance with transportation, and reminders of when the events occur. It is also essential to have someone there to encourage participation, to maintain a level of enthusiasm, and to ensure the quality of the programs.

Where the Current System Fails

We are providing these services because no one else is. The organizations which are currently set up to aid people with developmental disabilities do not have the resources available to spend on social or recreational opportunities. If an agency does offer an occasional event it is only for the few select clients that the agency serves, NOT to the general community of people with developmental disabilities. The recreation departments, due to significant cuts over the last two decades, no longer have the management necessary to provide successful recreation programs to special populations.

Standards of Service

We have found that very often there are no standards of quality in recreation for people with
developmental disabilities. The "success" of a program should not be merely its existence. We offer programs with high quality instructors in public facilities with measurable goals and objectives, and we constantly strive to better the programs.

Current Programs:    Lions Club  -   Supper Club  -  Movie Night  -  Weight Watchers 
-  Monthly Dance  -  4th Friday Drama Party -  Basketball for Winners  -  Letter Writing
-  World Beat Dance Class  -  Party Planners  -  The Pack  -  Special Monthly Event
-  Walking Club   -  Outdoor Summer Party Program   -   Individual  Social Life Plan & Help

We invite you to celebrate.... “Everyone Deserves a Life”...through REC Inc programs!

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