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REC Inc needs your help to keep providing our programs

to Marin's adults with developmental disabilities.

There are many ways in which donors provide support: money, volunteer time,

equipment, expertise...all are very valuable to us!

We appreciate your continued support of REC Inc!

A few of our fabulous volunteers! Marin Chapter of Clipped Wings and Fathers/Daughters of Marin.

Click here for our Volunteer Photo Gallery!

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Please call Erin Duggan for special arrangements at 415 453-4847

REC Inc.
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REC Inc is a 501c3 tax exempt organization; all donations are tax deductible.
A receipt will be provided for donations - Federal Tax ID 33-0999031.

Volunteer Now!

Visit our PROGRAM SCHEDULE for upcoming ideas on when to join in the fun!

GENERAL VOLUNTEER DUTIES - see below (Volunteer Duties PDF)

These programs can always use a helping hand at events!
Basketball - (Basketball duties PDF)
Movie Night - (Movie duties PDF)
Party Night - (Party duties PDF)
3rd Friday Dance - (Dance duties PDF)
Wiffleball with the Wildcats - (Wiffleball duties PDF)

To volunteer, please contact 415 453-4847.

HOW YOU CAN volunteer!

To sign up to volunteer please use this link:

Your main goals as a volunteer will be two things:

1) Make sure the clients are having a FUN by helping them and cheering them on.

2) Help staff with set up, break down and other tasks as requested. 

It is IMPORTANT for volunteers to keep the FOCUS on the clients at all times: please do not take out your cellphone at any time. Spend time with the clients, please do not hang out with other volunteers and chat.

  • All Volunteers MUST call and schedule their volunteer hours - no drop ins, please.
  • Please email us, so we may give you a full description of duties for EACH program.
  • STUDENTS: If you’re asking for a signature you MUST present your paper to the instructor BEFORE the event starts. The paper must be fully filled out (date, time worked etc), only then will our coach sign the form.

Below are some of the duties that 9th graders through adults may be asked to perform.

Wiffleball with the Wildcats (1hr 15min, some one-time spots or 7 week commitment or 10-14 hrs)

  • You will be a part of the opposing team! 
  • Bring all equipment from the office to the gym and put it away NEATLY in the office.
  • Be in the outfield and throw the ball to a wildcat and let them throw it to the pitcher.
  • High five them when they reach a base or come home.
  • Sit in the front row with the clients and cheer them on. 
  • Socialize with our gang; ask them about their lives!

3rd Friday Dance (3 hrs or ask about 1 year contract/commitment for 36 hrs total)

  • Participate alongside clients in whatever they are doing.
  • Clients will JOIN you if you DANCE at the front of the stage: go alone or with friends! 
  • Play balloon volleyball.     
  • Take tickets at the door. 
  • Set-up and break down drink area, set-up and clean up gym. 
  • Special theme dances need extra help: Halloween, Christmas, Beach Night.
  • Come dressed up for the theme.

Be Healthy (1.5 hrs - a 7 week commitment for 12 hrs a session. 

  • You and the clients will learn and practice healthy eating and lifestyle choices.  
  • Participate in easy movement routine. 
  • Model how to be attentive and participate.

World Beat Dance  (1hr class - a commitment from Oct through Jan for 14 classes at 16hrs )

  • Learn moves with clients and do them with the clients.
  • Set up and clean up class.
  • Stay with clients while they wait for the bus 15 mintes past the end of class.

Party Night (2.5 hrs per event)

  • Clients will be doing craft projects and socializing.
  • Help the instructor set-up and breakdown.    
  • Assist clients with their crafts projects.
  • Provide help with whatever the instructor asks.
  • Socialize with our gang; ask them about their lives!

Basketball for Winners (1.5 hrs – NO drop ins. Help run the program /make a season commitment)

PLEASE NOTE: You can ONLY expect to play basketball if you have scheduled a team to play against the seals: otherwise you will help run the program. You "may" be asked to play if we are short of players. 

  • Bring all equipment from the office to the gym and put it away NEATLY in the office at the end.
  • Help them shoot hoops during warm ups
  • Keep clients focused during Team Meeting.
  • Read the team line-up and get the teams on and off the court at appropriate times.
  • Cheer them on during the game.  
  • Help us run our “secret plays.”
  • Socialize with our gang! Ask them about their lives!
  • 1 year commitment: Referees & coaches are guaranteed play during games.

Movie Night, Lions Club and Special Events - Contact us for more information!

STUDENTS: Interested in doing your 50hr project with us?   Email us right now at

WE WANT YOU - For Our Mailing List!
We have two other mailings that go out each year just for YOU. It’s a brochure that describes new programs and includes color pictures of classes and events. Please call us (453-4847) with your mailing address if you want to be included in those special mailings.


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