World Beat Dance


World Beat Dance -

Everything happens here! This class is an eclectic combination of what the group likes best, set to music from all over the world. With instructor Steph Suess it’s a constantly evolving curriculum full of rhythmic happiness. It’s a circle of personal sharing, stretching, drums & other instruments.
Dates: Tuesdays, call for dates.
Time: 6:10 -7:10pm
Where: Larkspur Rec Department, 240 Doherty Drive, Larkspur.
Price: $4 drop in (please bring exact change) or $21 per 7 week session

“Dance is healing, magic and FUN. Dancing is done primarily with the soul, from the spirit. Dancing is not about thinking; it’s about feeling. The body is only the vehicle. The developmental disabilities of my students are no impediment. Whenever we start the music, there is an explosion of energy and of pure love. No matter how tired or depressed each of us may be when we show up for class, we resurrect one another. We leave feeling buoyant, better for having been together.”
Karen Carlson


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